Friday, 8 April 2011

Pressure cooking vegetables

I love my pressure cooker, it's an awesome multi faceted tool that can be used from cooking soup stocks to meat to steamed vegetables.
I steam my greens and leafy greens in particular in the cooker.
It's very simple and fast:
Place a metal sieve in the bottom of the cooker , mine came with an elevated plate which sits on the very bottom so I use that under the sieve.
With a few cm of water in the bottom, place the veges in the sieve and close the lid and set the pressure cooker in motion.
I find that one minute from the time that the pressure cooker reaches it fully pressurised point works well for all leafy greens and also broccoli.
After one minute, start the process of releasing pressure.

I usually do multi one loads of veges in the same session, while I have the pressure cooker out and ready and subsequent loads are much faster as I reuse the same, already hot water.
The intense quick streaming does a fantastic job of sealing in the flavour and not leeching out all the goodness.
You can store all the prepared veges in the fridge and have several days of ammunition for salads and omelettes etc.